Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster PS3-DUPLEX

Games / PS3 /Size: 23.07 GB

 Release Info:


 In ages past, the world of Spira experienced a golden age of perfection,
 brought about by an advanced civilization through the use of wondrous
 machinery called machina.


 Two years have passed since Sin was destroyed. Since her victory and becoming
 a high summoner, Yuna has lived on her childhood home of Besaid Island.
 Then one day, Rikku comes to Besaid and shows Yuna a sphere. The recording
 is of him. Or is it?


 Game contains 2 bigfiles - so play from internal hdd ...

 Note for < 4.53 CFW users :

 The game has many SPRX and a few SELF files, that all have 4.53 FW
 requirement in their header. For people on <4.53 CFW, Multiman usually
 fixes this automatically (when it asks you to fix the game for your firmware)
 but because this game has about 1200 files to patch, Multiman can\'t handle
 this and won\'t patch them all.
 Therefore, if you use the original EBOOT.BIN on a <4.53 CFW, the game will
 return the infamous 800010009 error. Our patched EBOOT.BIN has the header
 patched already, so the game menu will work, but it will return to XMB
 whenever you choose FFX or FFX-2 since we left the other SELF and SPRX

 Two alternatives to fix this :

 a. upgrade your CFW to 4.53+ and no file patching is needed
 b. resign all SPRX and SELF files for 4.20+ on your PC. Many public
    tools can do it, so we thought we wouldn\'t have to do it for you. Since
    the Japanese release of the game had the same problem for <4.46 CFW,
instructions can be found on the web ..

 During our testings, both FFX and FFX-2 worked fine on a 4.21 CFW after
 resigning the files. Also tested on CFW 4.53 where it works without the need
 to resign anything.

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